New Song: "Out of the Dirt"!

Today we released our next single from the upcoming “Little Bit of Sun” album, called “Out of the Dirt.” Dan wrote it with the amazing Lori McKenna. Dan told Lori he was hoping to make something with a stomping beat and a hypnotic, mesmerizing lyrical chant. The result was even more stomping and mesmeric than he had hoped. The track is pretty simple, just him on the piano, John on fretless bass and Jake on drums. As we were cutting the track, everyone agreed it needed some hot lead guitar. But instead of adding a guitar of Dan’s we reached out to Jason Isbell to see if he wanted to throw down. The answer was yes (what a day!) and the results speak for themselves: Jason fucking rocks, as we already knew.



Semisonic is a rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of Dan Wilson (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), John Munson (bass, keyboards, backing vocals, guitar), and Jacob Slichter (drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals).

Born from the ashes of the influential Twin Cities band Trip Shakespeare in 1995, Semisonic’s first commercial breakthrough arrived with the 1998 release of their sophomore album, ‘Feeling Strangely Fine,’ which went platinum on the strength of its chart-topping lead single, “Closing Time.” Nominated for a GRAMMY, the track was a radio juggernaut that landed in countless film and television soundtracks and would come to define the sound of an entire decade of rock and roll.

Though the band never officially broke up, they parted ways in the early 2000s, remaining close and periodically reuniting for one-offs and charity performances over the years. In 2020, Semisonic reunited to release their first music in 20 years – an EP entitled You’re Not Alone with a single of the same name.



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